Media Box goes multimedia:
Media Carrier launches its new digital media library with more features, a modern design and added games, podcast and TV content

Munich (September 2020) – Media Carrier GmbH has overhauled its Media Box, making it fit for the new decade and beyond. The leading provider of digital content relaunches its premium product with a modernised look and feel, optimised user-friendliness and a significantly expanded content offer: Alongside more than 1,500 newspapers and magazines in a wide range of languages, other types of content including games, podcasts, videos, streaming services and live TV can now also be integrated in the Media Box. This relaunch sees the Media Box turn from a digital media library offering magazines and newspapers only into a future-proof digital information and entertainment platform.

“The coronavirus crisis has changed people’s media behaviour. Because of quarantines and self-isolation they now largely consume digital media. Demand for digital media has therefore grown exponentially and this is independent of formats, be it digital papers or podcasts,” says Media Carrier managing director Philipp J. Jacke. “Our upgraded Media Box meets this changed trend in demand, enabling us to provide our customers with a comprehensive and highly user-friendly multimedia library.”

Introducing a new design, Media Carrier aims at making the experience of digital media consumption as attractive and easy as possible for Media Box users. This includes a full text search, enabling users to quickly find their favourite publications. The media library now also integrates games, podcasts, videos, live TV or streaming services as well as customer-specific content such as promotional flyers or customer publications, which can all be easily accessed by users without a cumbersome registration process.

The new Media Box enables airlines, hotels and transport companies but also gyms or health centres that have integrated Media Carrier’s Media Box in their service offering to provide their members, passengers or guests with enormous added value. “Booking and buying decisions are based on who offers the best value for money. However, this does not only consider the product itself, such as a flight, a hotel room or a gym subscription, but also all the extras and added services customers get on top, ideally free of charge or at little cost,” explains Philipp J. Jacke. “Customers who offer our new multimedia Media Box, which is comprehensive, full of features and user-friendly in equal measures, can gain a competitive edge. Of course, each customer can decide which media they would like to integrate into their own personal Media Box, including adding selected additional formats such as games and podcasts to magazines and newspapers. The service we provide is determined by our customers’ needs.”

The Media Box is also an interesting advertising medium, addressing a target group that is attractive for advertisers. “For media planners, our Media Box is a new platform with an engaged audience where they can book banner, interstitial or video advertising at attractive and competitive prices,” says Philipp J. Jacke. The fact that the many touchpoints enable delivery of the advertising messages to the target group in high frequency without wastage is an added benefit.

The Media Box is a white label solution and can, on request, be delivered according to the corporate design and processes of the respective company. Media Carrier also takes care of the usage rights for digital publications and the entire technical implementation including set-up, design, integration and ongoing development. Each customer has access to their personal insights for transparent reporting, including number of downloads, access times, information on operating systems used and a ranking of the most popular content. The latter provides information on which title or media formats are particularly popular with users and which type of content is not. Thus, media companies but also tourism companies and other Media Box users can draw interesting conclusions about the media behaviour of their customers.

Publishers cooperating with Media Carrier can now also benefit from exclusive display space provided on the Media Box interface to place and promote selected publications prominently and in a targeted way.

As the Media Box is web-based it can be used with any internet-enabled device. Users do not need to install an app or register with their personal data. Simply connecting to local Wi-Fi, they are automatically (or via a landing page) taken to the Media Box where all newspapers, magazines, games, podcasts and TV programmes are presented for easy download.


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