Use the Media Box to choose exactly the kind of publications your passengers and guests want – we offer more than 1541 titles from 59 countries in 39 languages.

All the major newspapers and magazines from around the world.
Available at a click for your passengers and guests.

The Media Box delivers digital versions of newspaper and magazine print editions on the screen of mobile, web-enabled devices. Users can choose from a wide range of titles from anywhere in the world. Electronic distribution ensures automatic availability of the latest issues, which means no matter where you are in the world you are always ahead of print.

In today’s digital age, travellers increasingly use mobile devices to read newspapers and magazines. This comes with great potential for you as a service provider in the tourism industry to increase customer satisfaction and at the same time reduce handling cost. You can offer your guests an innovative, environmentally friendly and easy-to-use solution that takes modern reading habits into account.

How does the Media Box work?

It’s all very easy! To use the Media Box, your guests do not need to register personally. Ease of use, user-friendliness and functionality are key: Our digital media library can be opened in a web browser and used with any web-enabled device, no matter if smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Users are spoilt for choice: Your guests can freely select from a wide range of newspapers and magazines displayed. A simple click on the cover of the title of choice enables downloading and reading.

Depending on the device used, any publication can either be read in the browser or saved locally for later offline reading. This little gift from you to your guests and customers will keep you in good memory when they enjoy reading on the beach or later back at home.

Each title is available as a pdf. Individual sections on the page can easily be enlarged. Pages are scrolled or swiped.


  • Choice of publications from 50 countries
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Availability of the latest issues
  • Can be used with any smartphone/tablet/laptop
  • Easy to use for guests/passengers
  • Can be adapted to your corporate design
  • The Media Box is our proprietary tool that we develop and adapt on an ongoing basis in an agile way and based on your requirements
  • No need for heavy paper to be transported, displayed and disposed of

Applications – where can the Media Box be used?

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170712 MediaCarrier 300x376 Icons 01 Zug

Earn money with more service?

Enjoy reading in XXL and at a click

No matter if in exclusive airport lounges, on a coach trip, a cruise or the lobby of a first-class hotel: Reading makes hungry and knowledge is fun. Your guests know that, too, so why not use our Media Box to curate a comprehensive “menu” for them. Based on their wishes and likes, be it “heavy fare” or easy to digest – simply select the type of publications that turn your guests into happy readers.

Best of all: The Media Box is an eco-friendly solution as digital publications do not use up any natural resources such as wood and water.

See for yourself and check out our Media Box demo version.

Simply select by type (newspaper or magazine), language, country or genre and open your title with one click only.

Please note: For legal reason, this publicly accessible page contains only a limited version of the publications we offer. All titles are, of course, fully available in the paid-for version. For enquiries, please contact us on We look forward to hearing from you!

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Die Media Box - Die ePaper Lösung für Hotellerie, Gastronomie, Bahn, Bus und Kreuzfahrt. Alle wichtigen Tageszeitungen und Magazine aus 59 Ländern in 39 Sprachen online verfügbar für Ihre Gäste.